Each Week on The Reec Show (Hot 107.9) Reec and some of the industries top DJs and taste-makers  talk music and discus records that are gaining momentum and making proverbial “noise” on the ground floor in a segment called “Reec’s Top Five To Vibe.” This week Jahlion Sound was in the studio with Reec. See […]

People always talk about how much cell phones and Facebook have ruined society’s ability to talk to each other face to face, and  generally I have scoffed at the suggestion. I mean, I still spend the majority of my waking hours talking to real people, and don’t rely on Facebook to keep me in touch […]

Kanye's obviously planning on doing something major promotion-wise with social networking for his upcoming album. Today, we've got video of Kanye at the headquarters of the social networking site he joined yesterday, Twitter.