super bowl 2019

If you don’t already know, Super Bowl LIII will be in Atlanta, GA this year and the city is preparing for a once in a lifetime atmosphere. With more than a million people visiting the city for the Super Bowl, many Atlanta locals are asking is it a good idea to Airbnb my house or apartment during Super […]

Unless your living under a rock, you know that SUPER BOWL LIII will be in Atlanta this year and the city is hyped! When a Super Bowl comes to your city, so does plenty of opportunity. But with that also comes a lot of headaches for many local Atlanta natives. Here are 5 bad things that […]

  Who’s performing at the Super Bowl in Atlanta this year? A rapper has never headlined halftime at the Super Bowl. In 2019, the Super Bowl will be held in Atlanta, the city that has dominated hip hop for 20 years. Many, including Bruno Mars are hoping the NFL will celebrate Hip Hop Artists. The […]