Hair care has always been a critical topic for black women. From 2A to 4C, natural hair comes in various form and need a little extra love when it comes to managing and moisturizing those curly tresses. When people discover a product that works for them the chances of them switching to something new is […]

Kaylen Respress thought fifth grade was going to bring fun and games at her new school, but she found making friends was going to be harder than she thought. She felt like an outcast in her new fifth-grade class. According to CNN introverts make up a third to half of the population. Repress’ introverted personality made […]

As the fitness wave takes over the nation many of us are trying to get back in our groove and get in shape. Here in Atlanta so many fitness groups and trainers have been on social media promoting a healthy lifestyle with the right workout, but for most of us seeing a trainer is probably […]