the ultimate merger 2

If you’ve been keeping up with “The Ultimate Merger,” then you know that supermodel Tocarra Jones has a new man. And not just any man either, this man is FINE and is quite the model himself. He’s appeared in numerous music videos including Rihanna’s “Rude Boy”, Usher’s “Little Freak” and Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass.” Meet […]

It’s down to the final three bachelors on “The Ultimate Merger” and the home stretch of Toccara’s search for love. On this episode, the boys follow Toccara to the beach during her photo-shoot to get hot and sexy for the cameras and to see what she will look like in pictures with her potential men. […]

Last night was the third episode of Tocarra’s quest for love on TV One’s “The Ultimate Merger” starring the beautiful Tocarra. After a drama filled episode, with the guys jumping on Ron and Ron talking to himself, she piled the eligible bachelors into the elimination room to decide who would go home. During the elimination […]