UniverSoul Circus

UNIVERSOOOUULLL CIRCUS IS BACK, FEBRUARY 8TH THRU MARCH 12TH-TURNER FIELD AND HOT 107.9 IS BRINGING IT TO YOU FOR JUST SEEEVVVEEENNTTTNN FIFTY. JOIN REEC and Hot 107.9 Sunday Feb. 12 @6:30pm For a Pajama Party! The family with the best PJ's will win a prize pack!!! GO TO TICKETMASTER.COM AND USE CODE UNLIMIT & listen to REEC 10-am-2pm for a chance to win a family 4 pack!

ZEEK of the world famous Universoul Circus & Social Media Sensation LaLa (@lalasizahands89) join Reec for an interview to remember!!! Video Footage Courtesy of http://www.STFUcomedy.com  

Rickey Smiley¬†and the rest of the morning show crew were still reeling after coming back from an amazing visit to the opening night of the¬†Universoul…