Mz Shyneka reported in the Word On The Streetz News about Versace releasing a special edition watch for Christmas. I had to check it out and must say the read is very impressive and classic. Its not too overly priced and would be a great gift for that very special lady. This holiday season, the […]

The Tikker gives a whole new meaning to YOLO. I just found out about this watch that counts down the days to your own death! Im not sure if this is a aww hell naw or if i should just scream YOLO. Check out the article to read up on the Tikker. Tikker, a new […]

Wearing a watch is trendy again, and I’ll admit I was hesitant to hop on board. That was until my brother bought me the most amazing watch I had ever laid my eyes on for my birthday. It’s pink and bling’d out…AKA everything I stand for. I was confused as to why he had bought […]