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Diddy’s side chick Cassie has already had some scandalous nude pics hit the Internet. Well, today we’re hearing that a New York City man claims he has photos of Diddy and Cassie in compromising positions and plans to sell the pictures. According to MTV reality star Tila Tequila, she claims she saw the photos.

Tequila wrote on her blog:

“Somebody out there is trying to leak some scandalous photos of Diddy, in some compromising positions with one of his artists, Cassie. Some dude on the street is trying to sell some pics, speculated to be about a year old. One of the pics shows Puffy sitting in what looks like a steam room or sauna, with a virtually naked Cassie sitting on his lap, both wearing no more than one towel… haha.

The unknown man has not revealed how he obtained these photos, but they consist of Diddy sitting in a sauna or steam room with nothing a but a towel on and Cassie on his lap. Another one is of Diddy and Cassie kissing.


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