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Tiki Barber made headlines last month when he left his then-pregnant wife Ginny for a 23-year-old intern he worked with on The Today Show.

Since then, a few things have happened, like:

Tiki Barber Goes Public With Mistress [PHOTO]

Tiki Barber Banned From Delivery Room Where Wife Delivered Twins

But now, Tiki and his new girlfriend Tracy Lynn Johnson (who currently lives with him) went on Entertainment Tonight to set the record straight. According to their story, Tiki and his wife had separated before they hooked up. Here’s some excerpts:

Tiki: “We were only friends when I was still married, I was separated, out of my house so it wasn’t until then that we took things to the next level.”

Traci: “Tiki and I were romantically involved when he was separated, and plenty of people who are separated have boyfriends and girlfriends.”

Tiki: “My goal is to not have the kids suffer because of the failings of mine and my soon to be ex-wife. Marriages dissolve. It happens! I’m just a normal guy who had a job that people cared about, and maybe there is a standard to live up to that but it’s a hard one, for anyone.”