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Method Man was hit with an unopened beer can and suffered a cut on his face during a recent show in rural Hardin County, IL.

The incident took place at the “Gathering Of The Juggalos” event put together by Michigan based hip-hop duo, Insane Clown Posse.  The event also made headlines over the weekend when another performer, reality-show vet and all-around hot mess Tila Tequila, was pelted with, among other things, fruit soaked in urine and feces.

Method Man, who was performing with Redman, refused to stop his set and seek medical attention.

The odd thing about this whole situation is that Tila Tequila had things thrown at her because they didn’t like her. Method Man, however, suffered the same fate because they did like him.

The Juggalos are what fans of the clown make-up wearing Insane Clown Posse call themselves and are notorious for being white trash not being the most upstanding members of society…

Check out some pics of “Gathering” attendees below:

SOURCES: TMZ, The Daily Swarm

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