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A pair of leggings from Beyonce’s new Dereon fall collection look a great deal like leggings from Iceland’s E-label – a pair of which the musician bought for herself last fall at a Topshop in London.

In the promotional ads for the collection, Beyonce is seen wearing the leggings, black and studded with metal spikes. See the ads here: Beyonce, Blonde & Tatted Up In Official Dereon Ads [PHOTOS]

“This is naturally huge and I am still half in shock. I didn’t [recognize] straight away that this was her own label: I just thought she was wearing our leggings. It is practically just copy/paste,” says Heba Hallgrimsdottir, one of the owners of E-label.

When asked, Heba said that E-label has not copyrighted its design, but believes that widespread media coverage of Beyonce’s purchase last November, both in Iceland and overseas, would be evidence enough to prove plagiarism.

Asked whether E-label will attempt to sue, Heba said she could not answer that question as things stand right now.

“I have only just heard about this and no decision has yet been taken,” Heba said. “We need to inspect her brand’s trousers closer because, according to law, it is not copied if a certain number of things have been changed from the original design.”


Here are E-Label’s version of the leggings.


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