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Just Blaze’s new studio in Harlem runs on a Flux Capacitor, but that isn’t where the sci-fi adventure ends.

The super producer/video game fanatic celebrated moving his recording home from Baseline Studios to Stadium Red on 125th street in Harlem and wants to keep making history, even if he has to go into the past to do it.

“Our studio runs on 1.21 jigawatts,” he said smiling in homage to the mad scientist in Back To The Future. “There’s a lot of 80’s montages around [the studio] but it’s subtle. We got to shape every detail from top to bottom. We’re getting our Star Trek on.”

After taking a few months off Blaze has some upcoming work with  T.I., Marsha Ambrosius and a TV hosting project that he can’t say much about other than, “it was a really cool and exciting experience.”

Yesterday the video for Eminem and Lil Wayne’s “No Love” premiered and Just Blaze, who produced the track and cameos in the vid, relished in taking something as quirky as Haddaway’s “What Is Love” and making a hip-hop hit.

“I go through different phases,” he says. “Sometimes I make records that make you want to punch somebody in the face and other times I make a record that makes you wanna dance. I like to take things that are unexpected and make it into a good record.”

Read more about Stadium Red Studios at

Watch the clip below and 100 bragging points goes to anyone who knows what the sticker on the door is and from what movie:


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