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November 27, 2009. just received some STARTLING news. According to reports, NBA star Ron Artest is being investigated for WELFARE FRAUD!!!

What happened? Well Ron has a sister named Latoya Holmes-Ivey who gets Section 8 assistance for the apartment she rents for her and her 3 children. And in order to get that Section 8 voucher, LaToya claimed she had NO income.

Well now a former accountant for Ron’s managers is SNITCHING!!! The accountant claims that Toya’s baller brother actually pays all of her bills through some company.

And now that welfare authorities know what they’re up to, they’re GOING AFTER both Ron and LaToya. They raided LaToya’s home earlier this week, taking all kinds of documents which will later be used as evidence.

They say that LaToya and Ron may have defrauded taxpayers out of at least $34,000.

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