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Michael Jackson may have been dead for the entire year, but according to Forbes Magazine, he managed to out earn Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Madonna.


In fact, the only living celebrity that brought in more money than our dearly departed King Of Pop in the last year was Oprah.

So MJ’s not only the second highest paid celebrity, but the highest paid dead celebrity according to Forbes. What’s remarkable about his achievement on the dead celebrities list is that his income is greater than the sum of all of the other dead celebs on that list.

MJ’s estate brokered several very smart deals after his untimely passing in June 2009 which brought in $275 million.

Forbes’ Highest Paid Dead Celebrities:

1) Michael Jackson – $275 million

2) Elvis Presley – $60 million

3) J.R.R. Tolkien – $50 million

4) Charles Schulz – $33 million

5) John Lennon – $17 million

6) Stieg Larsson – $15 Million

7) Dr. Seuss (Theodor Geisel) – $11 million

8) Albert Einstein – $10 million

9) George Steinbrenner – $8 million

10) Richard Rodgers – $7 million


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