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“Real Housewives Of Atlanta’s” newest cast-member Phaedra Parks may have been caught in a lie.

In this week’s episode Parks sparked a new round of criticism about her pregnancy. Parks is having a difficult time keeping her lies straight.

In last week’s show, Phaedra said she first met her husband, ex-con Apollo Nida in college, if you do the math, this is impossible because Phaedra is 38 and Apollo is 30!!

Fast forward to this week’s show, Phaedra had difficulty remembering her due date. She told the ladies her doctor planned to induce labor 2 weeks early. Why would a doctor induce labor when it’s not medically necessary? Normally a doctor will wait until after the due date to induce labor.

Apparently she asked her doctor when was the earliest date that she could safely deliver her son.

According to a close friend of Parks’ who asked to remain anonymous, Phaedra wanted the baby delivered early to coincide with the shooting schedule of “Real Housewives of Atlanta”.

And while we’re on the subject of Pheadra and her husband, did anyone think that photo shoot they did with the pickle was a little suspect?


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