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As a morality play, Monday night’s football game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Washington Washington Football Team might have come up a moral or two short, but as theater, there couldn’t be many complaints.

At least not in Philadelphia.

The Eagles revisited former quarterback Donovan McNabb in his new home, and on the very day McNabb signed a contract extension with his new team. What could have been a monumental game for McNabb turned into a monumental disaster, however.

By the end of the drubbing, the Eagles had won, 59-28. When it was over, they had produced more offensive records than Eminem, and most of those were the result of sensational play by quarterback Michael Vick.

Someone got hold of this season’s script and crumpled it somewhere along the way. If there was going to be a quarterback to step in and replace McNabb, continuing the solid, organization-guy role that had been established for a decade, it was supposed to be Kevin Kolb, the heir apparent.

That script changed and changed again, and now there appears to be no going back unless Vick gets hurt during one of his frequent scrambles. Vick isn’t just the best quarterback option for the Eagles. At the moment, he’s the best quarterback option in the league.

“I’m happy for him,” McNabb said, “[but] not tonight. I told him I’m [mad] at him. But I told him to stay humble and good things will continue to happen for him.”

Good things are happening for Vick, who is rebuilding his career after missing two seasons in prison.

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