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Weeks after the case was closed (in Fantasia’s favor), email communications between Fantasia and her (then married) boyfriend, Antwaun Cook surfaced online. According to the messages, she did in fact know that Antwaun was married when she was creeping with him. Too bad Antwaun’s wife wasn’t able to get a hold of these in time, she could’ve been 6-figures richer…check out the email exchange here:

SOURCE: Radar Online

American Idol alum Fantasia Barrino knew her boyfriend Antwaun Cook was still living with his wife when they started dating and has the exclusive email exchange to prove it.

“You going back home really did it for me. I’m sorry,” Fantasia wrote in an email to Antwaun dated April 16, 2010.

“How do think I Feel? When your still staying over there… But you telling me you want to Be with me…”

As was first to report, a North Carolina court found in favor of the 26-year-old, citing that Antwaun was separated from his wife at the time of the affair — but as the email shows, it very much appears she knew he was still living with his wife, Paula Cook.

“No excuses, you made your choice. Deal with it. No love lost her [sic],” Antwaun wrote in response to Fantasia.

“I lied….I Need U!!!!! Antwaun…How do think I Feel?” Fantasia wrote to Antwaun.

During Fantasia’s testimony in court, the single mother of one admitted she aborted the child of her married lover around the same time as her failed suicide attempt in August, 2010.

In the email chain obtained by, Fantasia seems to want Antwaun to move out and might have been trying to make him jealous over another man.

“Well you just made me feel like sh*t talking about everything he was and that I wasn’t. Maybe you should give it a shot,” Antwaun wrote.

“Sounds to me like he’s the KING!”

“All because you want to stay there? And you want me to be ok with that. Ok!!”

Fantasia responded.

“Man F*ck it.”

“All because you just said he is what u need, he aint married, he aint having it, he is what u prayed for. I never put you up against anyone in that way,” Antwaun wrote back just three minutes later.

“Everyone and every situation is different and I understand that.”

“But you still look over the Fact the you are and your staying there. Come on now!!” Fantasia wrote to Antwaun.

“Who the Hell do you think you are??”

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