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Lil Kim called up our affiliate station, iPower 92.1 in Richmond, to chit chat with TT Torrez about a lot of different issues that have occurred during her career including why she left Atlantic Records, her being sued by Trackmasters, and whether those PayPal numbers for Black Friday were authentic.

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“I left Atlantic Records because of the simple fact I wanted to venture out and become my own boss, my own businesswoman and move units on my own and figure out how to do that on my own so I can finally start making some real money,” she said in the interview. “My record company didn’t understand the direction I wanted to go and who I really was as an artist cause Lil Kim is not just this hardcore rapping artist, that’s what I hate. I don’t just do hardcore music. I’m over here with it, I’m over there with it. I rap, I sing, all of that in one but they didn’t get it. I knew where the music industry was going and I wanted to go with it.”

She also addressed the skepticism that her Black Friday Pay Pal numbers were not authentic.

“Yea, [it’s true] to date it might be more. Someone from PayPal basically spoke up and represented for us on that behalf. At the end of the day, I’m speaking for myself. Black Friday video is almost at 2 million views. How come it wouldn’t be that easy to get the same on PayPal? I don’t get it. But whatever. You know the haters are going to be out there to try to question. Why is that so hard to believe? I don’t get it. I am Kim.”

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After getting out of her deal with Atlantic Records Kim signed with producers The Trackmasters, but that didn’t work out.

Listen to the interview here!


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