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Lil’ Kim has promised to keep her beef with Nicki Minaj on wax (which I think is very lady like), but what do other female hip-hop artists think about the Nicki Minaj/Lil’ Kim beef? Check out what hip-hop pioneer MC Lyte has to say about it here.

Lyte, who is known as one of first female rappers to put female emcee’s on the map, sees no problem in the disagreement between the two which has spilled from Twitter to Kim’s new mixtape, ‘Black Friday.’ Lyte, whose had her own share of beef, most notably with rapper Antoinette resulting in the release of the records ‘10% Dis,’ and ‘Shut the Eff Up (Hoe),’ believes that there’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition. “Battles have existed from the beginning of time,” Lyte told The BoomBox. “I’ve had mine, and that’s just the nature of hip-hop.”


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