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Juelz Santana is set to release three mixtapes before he releases his next album. According to two of the efforts will be solo and one will be in collaboration with Skull Gang. “My mixtape is coming out first. That’s going to be like an album, ‘The Reagan Era,’ the long awaited, aka well worth it, I promise you that. The album will be out probably a couple months after the mixtape, called ‘Born to Lose, Built to Win, I had a little altercation with my studio so my studio got shut down. So I’m putting my mixtape out right after that,” the Skull Gang leader said “We gon do the Skull Gang mixtape after that, and I might do another mixtape. But that’s going to be pretty much leading up to my album. I ain’t got no exact dates, but as soon as the mixtape is released, it ain’t gonna stop after that,” says Juelz.

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