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Jennifer Hudson’s dramatic weight loss and gorgeous new figure has everyone talking and admiring her svelte shape. Everyone that is, except her fiance David Otunga. In an interview on ‘The Tonight Show’ last week, Jennifer (in an absolutely gorgeous dress) told Jay Leno of the weight loss, that “he’s getting adjusted to it…. He’s not really into change that much.”

In addition to singing the praises of Weight Watchers for which she is “a walking billboard now,” she discussed how losing the 80 pounds dramatically changed every aspect of her life. Now she actually spends time cooking, exercising and indulging her shopping addiction which she never did when she was at her heaviest.

But the best part of losing so much weight? Now the “diet mentality” she had for so many years previous is gone, and she can indulge her cravings for pizza and wings when she feels like it, rather than avoiding unhealthy foods at all costs and still not losing weight.

She also discusses American Idol, and if she would consider being a judge on the show that gave her her start. Would she? Watch her full video below to find out….

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