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Welcome to our second installment of Sneak Freak Friday!  This week we are going to cover the ultra rare all the way to the ultra hyped.  We also have an exclusive look inside the CEO of Nike’s office as well as a look at two individuals who are causing waves on the hip-hop choreography scene!

If luck was not on your side when this classic colorway was released well get ready, because the Air Jordan 3 True Blue is hittin all the Jordan hotspots  June 4th!!!  The shoe comes complete with the faboosh new Jordan cement box. No need to go into any sort of details about these shoe closet staples other than get out and cop a pair before they disappear on you again!  And being a classic Jordan, if its gone….its either gone or a long wait!

Since we are on a “rare” kick we though this would be the best follow up.  Behold the Air Jordan Tokyo23, dubbed already as one of the best sneakers of 2011.  So if you are ready to search, and we mean really search, and not to mention have some beyond deep pockets (We have seen $1,750) there are a few online vendors that have very select sizes left.  But as always when all else fails, check for your size on ebay.

Alright, lets get to the bottom of this.  So kanye was recently spotted in France with Jay-z, no biggie right?  WRONG!!!! The  sneaker world stood on their head when the pics surfaced of what looks to be the Air Yeezy 2.  Owning a pair of  original Air Yeezys myself I dived in to see what all the gossip is about and sure enough it looks as if the AY2 is in full swing.   We don’t have a 100% clear pic on these, but when we do you can bet it will be posted up!

Inspiration comes from many places…..and we mean maaaaany places.  For the CEO of Nike Inc. that trait is no different.  Lets take a look at whats inside his office!!! From sneaker themed art to classic rock memorabilia, this takes the cake of  “live what you love”!

Heard of the Les Twins? If not, well ya need to come out form under that rock!! These two are identical twins that have exploded onto the Hip-Hop dance scene and were involved with Beyonce’s amazing Billboard performance.  The two hale from France but have made a lotta noise here so far!  And, being sneaker enthusiast, we have taken  notice to them reppin Dunk SB Highs and Yeezys consistently.  Be sure to keep a look out for these two in the future!

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