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Now that you have your duffel bags and travel kits out from Memorial Day weekend, it’s time to start planning your trips for the summer. We all know that with today’s economy gas prices and plane ticket prices are shooting off the charts. Don’t let this keep you from exploring this summer! Pick a few places that you want to go to and plan ahead: the sooner you get started, the more affordable your trip will be! Here are some places that we at HelloBeautiful think that you need to visit before labor day!

Las Vegas, Nevada:

Whether you’re 21 or not, Vegas is definitely a good travel spot for people of all ages. Even if you can’t spend your night at the tables and slot machines, there are plenty of incredible shows and restaurants. This tourist hot spot holds plenty of beautiful hotels that are easy to get to. As soon as you are on the strip, you will be taken aback by the lights and liveliness of Vegas!

New York City, New York:

This ‘concrete jungle’ will definitely keep you interested and excited. Whether you’re on a trip with your 5 best girlfriends or with your husband and 4 kids, New York has an endless amount of activities. From Broadway Shows to live bands in Central Park, New York encompasses a type of energy that you won’t find anywhere else. When you are planning this trip, keep in mind that taxis in New York can really clean out your wallet- be sure to learn the subway systems! After all, people playing music in crammed subways is a big part of the New York City culture!

Waikiki Beach, Oahu, Hawaii:

Besides the beautiful beaches and incredible food and drinks that Hawaii offers, Oahu, Hawaii is also the home of history. Plan a helicopter ride over the old volcanoes and learn about the legendary geography of the area. Take advantage of the different activities such as parasailing  and jet-skiing to get different views of the beautiful scenery of Hawaii. Don’t forget to drink your fruity beverages right out of the coconut as you lay under your umbrella in the hot sand!

Sea World, Orlando, Florida:

Educational and entertaining for the whole family, Sea World provides an aquatic escape that an ordinary water park can’t. The shows are enjoyable for audiences of all ages: after all, who doesn’t like watching animals be cute and funny?! Whether it’s swimming with the dolphins or watching seals jump through hoops, you’ll definitely find some sort of sea animal entertainment.

So what do you say? Use this summer to explore past your comfort zone. You never know, you might just find somewhere else you’d rather be.

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