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One of the teens involved in the vicious assault that killed 18-year-old Bobby Tillman at a Douglasville house party last November has agreed to plead guilty to murdering him, reports the

Emanuel Boykins, the 18-year-old who threw the first punch that started the random, fatal attack on Tillman, has agreed to plead guilty to felony murder.

The other three defendants charged with Tillman’s beating death have until 5 pm Wednesday (June 8) to decide if they will plead guilty as well. If they don’t, Douglas County will press ahead with death penalty cases against the men.

When Boykins pleads guilty to felony murder on June 29, the malice murder charge will reportedly be dropped.

Boykins and the three other defendants — 18-year-old Quantez Devonta Mallory and Tracen Lamar Franklin and Horace Damon Coleman, both 19 — had initially proclaimed their innocence, saying in a television interview that someone else killed Tillman. The accused even sent condolences to Tillman’s family in the interview.

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