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Mrs. Boomkack is back and proving that she settles for nothing but the best! The Urban Daily‘s Jazzy F. recently caught up to the fierce and feisty Laurieann Gibson and did an interview. Ms. Gibson opened up about what she learned from working with Diddy, how it feels to have two different TV shows running on two different networks and why she doesn’t settle for BS.

Check out a few excerpts from the interview below:

How does it feel to have not one, but two TV shows (E!’s “Dance Scene” and BET’s “Born To Dance) of your own?

It feels amazing! It feels victorious. I can now tell you: you can make it. I can look at people who were laughed at, people who were told they couldn’t make it, people that are being held down by other people who are manipulating their gift to benefit themselves and say, “Yes, you can stand in line to help someone, but once that season is over, that person needs to give back to you.”

And if you are designed to help someone then that is amazing, but if you are designed to birth something that God has for you I understand. It feels like “I am free” and it feels like “My gift can operate the way God designed it to.” It’s only gonna get better and we are not giving up anytime soon.”

You’re pretty feisty and you have that fire in you. What is it that makes Laurieann say, “I am not going to take anyone’s BS”?

[People’s] BS is a projection. They want to crap all over you so you won’t do what you are called to do. I’m not letting that happen to me, my crew, or anybody. I am not letting them do it!

What did you learn from Diddy after working so close with him for many years?

My brother Diddy taught me about the business; he taught me without talking.  He helped prepare me for the position that I am currently in.  I often reflect on how I saw him operate. It wasn’t in a mean way or in an aggressive way, but in a way that he came from nothing. No one was going to take advantage of him. What I learned is: Don’t sacrifice your gift for anybody. Be willing to walk away or it jeopardizes your truth or creative instinct.  Be willing to walk away because then you will get your respect; you will develop your own sense of greatness. But don’t ride the fence and don’t risk your instinct to have a job or belong, because then you push yourself further away from your goal.

I must say that Laurieann seems to have really come full circle since her days on “In Living Color.” It’s always inspiring to see our black women doing major things in their careers. Hopefully she continues to live out her dreams and continue to inspire.

Check out the Laurieann Gibson’s full interview here!

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