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Rihanna covers Glamour magazine’s September 2011 issue. Wearing a backless halter top and sexy, sequin pants, Rihanna promises in the headline to “open up.” We can’t wait for the excerpts.

She also released the cover artwork for her latest single “Cheers,” the celebratory, bar sing-a-long song from her album “Loud.” See it below & listen to the track here.

Unfortunately, there’s one word in the tune that may not make it to radio.

Blogger Perez Hilton recently informed the singer on Twitter: “Uhm, RiRi. Just heard #Cheers on the radio (yay!), but they made inaudible the word ‘bastards’. Since when is that offensive? Grrr!”

Seemingly done without her consent, she angrily responded: “wtF???? Ugh, hate that!”

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