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Beyonce’s pregnancy still has reporters buzzing. Though she and her mother hit London Fashion Week to launch their new House of Dereon collection, Bey’s baby was all the media could ask about.

Congratulations on the pregnancy. Does the collection now include maternity wear?

What I’m wearing today is part of the collection and its not supposed to be, but it actually is really good for the maternity but we didn’t plan six months ago before – actually longer than that – but we do have some things that I am still trying to rock.

Are you struggling to find things that you feel good in where your husband might go ‘Err, I’m not having that’?

Actually I am having so much fun, it has been the most fun time now that it has been announced and I don’t have to, you know, it was really difficult to conceal, but now that I can be proud and excited about it I’m having so much fun shopping — it’s great.

Do you know what you’re having?

I don’t.

Has your attitude towards style, fashion changed since you learned you were pregnant?

I just feel like it is often within. My mother has always told me that beauty comes from within and what’s exciting about being a woman is you can say today I feel like being, today I feel really conservative, today I’m feeling classy, today I am going on a date and I want to just be a showstopper and you know there is this variety of beautiful clothes that can bring out whatever you feel inside but it comes from here and you should wear your clothes they shouldn’t wear you.

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