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Like many Black families in the 1970s, the Evans family had to make due with the little that they had. Their living room was a common area by day, a bedroom by night, and Ms. Evans could stretch fish and bread loaves better than Jesus.

There was much to learn from this family and we’ve compiled a list of lessons as told by James, Florida, J.J., Thelma, Michael and friends.

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Here are the top seven lessons learned on “Good Times.”

1. Celebrate Black history month everyday of the year. Whether you’re remembering the freedom riders or painting profiles of Sweet Daddy Williams, make sure you recognize the people that paved the way for you.

2. Know the power of Black Jesus. Thelma can’t confirm that she got tickets to see Isaac Hayes because of a picture of Jesus on the wall, but she was sure to thank him either way.

3. Santa Claus really does go “straight to the ghetto.” Everybody deserves a little holiday cheer from the chunky man in the red suit.

4. The stomach is not necessarily the way to a man’s heart. Thelma didn’t get the domestic skills down pat, but it didn’t stop her from marrying a professional football player.

5. If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all. Even if you can back up the ugly facts with quotes from the library, Florida Evans wasn’t trying to hear it.

6. When you feel good about something, go with it! J.J. probably had a lot of explaining to do by walking around in a superhero suit but, he felt it would help him win an art contest, so he wore the outfit with bravery.

7. You’re never too young to make a quick come up. Michael’s five dollar hustle came unexpectedly and with little to no effort at all.