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Lil Wayne has openly admitted to loving legendary groupie Karrine “Superhead” Steffans and having a relationship with her in the past, but now they’re allegedly getting married?!

Karrine posted on her Facebook account (which so oddly has her last name still listed as McCrary): “Looks like I’ll be getting married w/in a week.”

A week before that she posted pictures of some items that Weezy had allegedly left at her house including slippers, sunglasses, what appears to be underwear and some lighters.

Is Karrine even divorced from her fake hubby Darius McCrary??

Sources were able to grab this screen shot of a conversation Karrine was having that indicates she’s been re-captured into “Wayne’s World” and believes she’ll elope with him:

Karrine recently dropped hints on her tumblr page that she and Weezy smashed on the night of the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards:

This chick has to be on crack, or she has a bad case of multiple personality disorders!

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