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If you’ve been keeping up with “The Ultimate Merger,” then you know that supermodel Tocarra Jones has a new man. And not just any man either, this man is FINE and is quite the model himself. He’s appeared in numerous music videos including Rihanna’s “Rude Boy”, Usher’s “Little Freak” and Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass.”

Meet Jason Newsome, the winner of “The Ultimate Merger 2” and Tocarra’s new love interest. Ever wonder if these reality love dating shows are fake? Or just how much goes into winning a supermodel like Tocarra’s heart? We caught up with Jason recently to see if there is more to him than meet the eye.

Check out the exclusive interview below! It’ll have you saying “Hello Handsome!!”

HelloBeautiful: “What three things can’t you live without?”

Jason: “God, family, friends”

HB: “What’s your vice and where do you go to get it?”

Jason: Water – I often go to ocean at night to sit alone.

HB: What secret urge do you get, but never act on?

Jason: I don’t really have any secret urges, I tend to act on whatever comes to mind.

HB: When was the last time you cried?

Jason: When my grandmother passed

HB: What do you prefer, boxers or briefs?

Jason: boxer briefs

HB: How has your life changed since you appeared on “The Ultimate Merger”? What have you been doing since the show ended and what were you doing before you appeared on “The Ultimate Merger”?

Jason: Hadn’t really changed a whole lot.  I’ve been pretty low key since the show just finished.  I have a company M.E.N., a marketing, entertainment and networking resource guild as well as a subdivision D.N.A. an event planning company. So I’ve been focused more on the corporate side of things since the show and prior to the show I was likewise trying to get the ball rolling with my company before I hopped back into the entertainment side.

HB: How did it feel to be chosen by Toccara in the end? What strategies did you use to win Toccara over that the other guys didn’t do?

Jason: I went in it with simply the strategy to demand attention and respect. Although I am now friends with the other contestants, during the course of the show I was in competition mode. It felt great to be chosen, as it feels good to win any competition.

HB: Are you and Toccara still dating now? If so, how do you keep your relationship strong and if not why did you break up?

Jason: We are still dating. During the show you really don’t have achance to get to know anyone.  It wasn’t until after the show that we began to truly get to know each other.  We have alot in common, so its easy to maintain a relationship with her.

HB: What is one thing that you want “The Ultimate Merger” audience to know about you that may not have been shown during this season?

Jason: I’m laid back, down-to-earth and one of the most chill people you’ll ever meet.

HB: What do you have to say to people who claim that these dating shows are fake? Are they fake or did you find true love with Toccara?

Jason: They are real and fake at the same time.  It does allow you the vehicle to get to meet someone, but most people go on the shows for exposure.  It wasn’t until after the show that we actually got to spend quality time together.  During the show you spend more time with your fellow contestants. Its hard to have the authenticity of dating, because you only have brief interactions and moments with the person you’re pursuing. As far as falling completely head over hills for someone in that brief span of time, that would be fake because you don’t have enough time to.

HB: How did you land the gig in the Nicki Minaj, Super Bass video? How was it working with Nicki Minaj? Can we expect to see you in any more videos soon?

Jason: I went in and auditioned like everyone else.  I’m a people person and not at all shy, so I go in like I’m supposed to be in the video. They liked me and selected me to do it. Working with Nicki was good and I’d worked with her indirectly before the video through BET’s Rip The Runway.  As far as more music videos, I’ve done numerous already, Rihanna’s Rude Boy, Goapele’s Play, Usher and Nicki Minaj’s Lil Freak, two videos for Toni Braxton — so at this point I want to get more into the film side of things.

Jason sounds like a keeper! What do you think about Toccara’s new man?

Check out some exclusive pictures of Jason below!

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