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Lil Wayne released a 28 min “PSA” where he talks about Steve Jobs passing, his drinking habits, tattoos, why he plays guitar, skateboarding, and more.

At the 3:00 minute mark in the video he begins the rant about his infamous syrup-filled styrofoam cup:

“Everybody got the cup now. I started drinking [syrup] because I’m from the south. People been drinking syrup for years. That’s where it was made popular. I’m human…I respected it because it was a culture. I didn’t do it because it was cool. When I picked it up ya’ll didn’t know what it was…what I wanna say is…I can’t blame the kids. I blame you adults. It’s ok for a kid to see something and want to be like it. It’s only right. But for an adult to fabricate something for some dumb reason it messes up our youth and messes up the future. So I ask you what is your reason, why are you drinking syrup?…I started drinking it because I was sick…but this is tea in my cup right now..”


At the 8:22 mark he goes off about the trend of rappers having tattoos allover their bodies:

“I have no problem with people getting a billion tattoos, but why are you doing it?”

Then at 11:20 he talks about the “1.8 Million of my hard earned money” he spent on his Bugatti. Weezy says the folks at the Bugatti dealership called him the “Barack Obama” of Bugatti for being the first African-American rapper to own the million-dollar auto.

At 13:28 he defends his playing of a guitar and putting out a rock album. “My reason for picking up that guitar is that I wanted to be able to pick up a guitar and sing to a woman. Why are you doing it?”

Who needs “MTV Cribs” when you have live from Weezy’s? Watch the full clip and let us know your thoughts.


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