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Keeping up with the vacation theme this week, on “The T.O Show”, Terrell (or should I say Milk Dud) and his two sidekicks go on cruise to the Bahamas along with their significant others (minus Terrell’s). As excited as they are to be going on vacation, one thing Kita doesn’t do is water! “I don’t do water. I’m a black girl, I don’t swim, I don’t want to get my hair wet. I should have known,” Kita says as they arrive to the ship.

Once everyone gets on board, Kita refuses to take off her life vest, even though the boat hasn’t even left the dock yet! Her boyfriend Joe, being the supportive and loving man that he is, wears his life vest too so Kita doesn’t look silly by herself, “We’re in this together,” he says (awww).

Later on, everyone hits the beach and T.O’s choice of swim trunks is rather, interesting! They’re like a mix between boy shorts and booty shorts. Terrell calls them “Euro” but Kita call them a “no-no”.

After playing a little beach football, the crew takes a trip to go swim with the dolphins. “I don’t know why I didn’t realize that swimming with dolphins meant I actually had to get in the water with them” Kita explained as she pulled out her plastic Target shopping bag to protect her hair from any moisture. Hey, desperate times call for desperate measures, okay! *high five*

Kita didn’t have time to secure her “swim cap” before T.O pushed her in the water and her life flashed before her eyes! After she realized she was still alive, they all had a great afternoon swimming and playing with the dolphins! (so cute!)

Later that evening, everyone headed to dinner to celebrate Princess Kita’s birthday. That’s just how she was treated too, like a princess, as Joe pulled out a beautiful shoe and placed it on her foot like Cinderella. After giving her the shoes and roses, he got down on one knee and… yup you guessed it… he proposed!! The ring was BEAUTIFUL and Kita couldn’t stop crying as he expressed his love for her and asked her to marry him.

Mo and Terrell were beyond shocked as Terrell fell out his chair from the surprise and couldn’t stop throwing back drinks at the table. Could it be that Terrell is finally realizing that he should be the one Kita will marry instead of Joe?

Something to think about!

But back to that Target swim cap, Kita you’re killing me!! LOL

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