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It seems the chickens have come home to roost.

Tyler Perry fans are none too happy over his choice of casting soon-to-be-divorced reality “star” Kim Kardashian in his latest project, The Marriage Counselor.

Two weeks ago Perry announced Kardashian had been chosen to play Ava, a co-worker of Judith (Jurnee Smollett), an Ivy League educated therapist who decides to step outside of her marriage to spice up her life. Fans of the prolific director immediately took to the message boards, denouncing Perry’s choice of someone they feel to be morally questionable. In light of Kardashian recently announcing her divorce from Kris Humphries after only 72 days of marriage, Perry’s fans are even more enraged.

Below are some comments from

“Mr. Perry I’ve loved your work, BUT I won’t be buying a ticket or DVD of any work featuring a reality TV personality, no matter whom. Heretofore your work has been focused and professional. As a theater professional I believe your work on stage and in film has benefited the arts community. I can think of no greater insult to arts professionals than to use a person who has no training or experience; any project including these individuals is simply cashing in on a notoriety built on disgusting displays of narcissistic self-indulgence. Please do not validate this debasement of entertainment media by employing this artless cretin”

“I can tell by his comment to his fans about this woman being in this film that he is just like any other typical person when they get a lil money they start to get greedy. he does not care about his fans but about his money so if he is willing to let this one person ruin his while film then so be it. how can u let someone whose whole background is negative and gets a divorce 72 days after you get married. how is that supposed to be something positive and uplifting to your audience. that is jusy selffish to me and i believe he knows that. smh i would have picked beyonce. she is a positive role model right now”

“So disappointed in you and your decision to keep Kim K. in your movie. I guess it is all about making it big at the box office, but money and popularity shouldn’t be an objective means to anything. I will not support this movie and I will tell everyone who I know not to support it as well. Sorry, but if you are going to forget the people who help you get to where you are and make such a horrendous mistake as this then you don’t deserve my time nor money. Truly not a fan anymore because what you beginning to stand for is not right.”

What say you readers? Are these disgruntled fans correct in their assessment that Tyler Perry is going over to the “dark side” by casting a reality star? Or is Perry’s casting choice a clever marketing ploy to garner media attention? Share your opinions in comments section below.


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