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We recently sat down with boxer Floyd Mayweather’s fiancee Chantal Jackson where she dished about her career, being in a high profile relationship and how women are portrayed in entertainment:

Now Miss Jackson it’s no secret that your fiance is one of the most influential athletes in sports history, boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. However, you are definitely stepping out and making a name for yourself as a mogul in the making. Fashion designer, model, and philanthropist just for starters; how do you find time to balance everything?

Miss Jackson: [Laughing] There definitely aren’t enough hours in the day! Making it very easy for things to overlap at times, however there’s so much I want to accomplish in life. So I live by my personal motto “Hard work never hurt anyone and the rewards are so much sweeter!”.

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Do you think that it’s important for woman in high profile relationships to step out and establish their own professional identities?

Miss Jackson: Not everything is for everyone. It’s really up to women to decide where they want to stand in the world. I choose to step out and continue making a name for myself. I’ve always been business oriented, even before Floyd and I got together. So I definitely continue on my same path and being with him isn’t going to change that.

You are known to design and coordinate a lot of the outfits you wear, from the very simple and elegant to the more festive. What is your inspiration and do you see yourself having an exclusive clothing line in the near future?

Miss Jackson: It’s important for women to always feel beautiful. I adore a classy-classic with an even balance of sex appeal. Looks such as the fluffy petticoat outfit I wore to Floyd’s last fight, to a long elegant gown with a high split. I currently have a t-shirt and hoodie line in the works, followed by the slated launch of my high end unisex fashion line. You got a peek of at the fight [wink]

As a model and woman who’s found her place on both sides of the camera. What are your thoughts on the current depiction of women in entertainment?

Miss Jackson: Women are always on a different playing field than men, in everyday life and in entertainment. The world likes to play the double standard game. Prime examples: If a woman’s seen on TV or in her private life dating multiple men she’s branded a whore etc. but if a man does it he’s “The Man”. Or the assumption that every woman in a music video is a “video hoe” or “groupie”, what about the male models? Are their professional and personal motivations not the same? Women want and deserve to be acknowledged as professionals just like men.

You also shouldn’t believe everything you see on TV or via third parties [laughing] this business is called ENTERTAINMENT for a reason.

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