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While watching Olivia’s latest video for “Walk Away,” we here at HB couldn’t help but think, why don’t people love Olivia? No, this is not a post about how we want Olivia to “Walk Away” from music, although the word play would have been clever, but too easy. This is about her struggles to stay relevant in the fickle music industry. Olivia has proved that she’s got the fighting power and talent, so what is she missing that’s keeping her from chart-topping status? Here’s a few career suggestions that we think could breathe life into Olivia’s flatlining career.

1. Studio Starpower

Ne-Yo may as well be crowned the King of Hits because every single he touches hits the number one spot. He’s written Rihanna’s “Take a Bow” and “Unfaithful” as well as Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable,” so Ne-Yo knows his way around a heartfelt female ballad, which is what Olivia needs more practice in. With his emotionally connected talents and Olivia’s sweet and subtle vocals, a hit wouldn’t be far-fetched.

2. High Profile Honey

Olivia’s been romantically linked to Darrelle Revis and Maino–neither of which have helped her career at all. Olivia needs someone sweet, mainstream and someone to lift her career from the depths of obscure-ville. As a Power Forward for the L.A. Clippers, Blake Griffin has a sense of humor, amazing endorsements and is an NBA darling.

3. Better BFF’s

Olivia’s friends–at least on the reality tv show front–are a bit too…how do you say it…um rachet. You are who you hang out with and well, Olivia needs a revamp of who she hangs out with. Classy women who are known for more than who they’re trying to marry or fight with would clean her image to the point of sparkling. Tika Sumpter and Selita Ebanks are perfect BFF’s for Olivia’s refreshed image. They both have respectable careers and are definitely in the entertainment industry for the long run.

4. Dynamic Duets

Diva collaborations work wonders for careers. We’ve seen Whitney Houston and Cece Winans, Lady Gaga and Beyonce and countless others do it. Olivia teaming up with Adele–an unexpected vocal powerhouse to churn out a soulful women’s anthem would be monumental and sure to be talked about by tastemakers around the ‘net.

5.  A Haute New Look

A new look never hurt nobody. Look at Rihanna–her career took off when she chopped off her tresses. Not to say that that’s all it takes, but Olivia’s pretty honey blond and brown ‘do could use a pick me up, or a chop me off. A pixie cut a la Ciara’s wig would be a great look for the songbird. Add that new cut to a new glam look for Olivia and she’ll have an image that will gain her a bit more attention.  A picture’s worth a 1,000 words and well, Olivia could use a few of those. If we could get a high fashion shoot in a magazine like Elle, Vogue, etc., Olivia’s looks would work to her career’s advantage. Fierce photoshoots always help recording artists crossover into mainstream.

Check out some inspirational images for her new look. We’re thinking short black hair, totally glammed up red-carpet ready chic.

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