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Today is the 12th annual National Black  HIV/AIDS Awarness Day. Do you know your status? Get tested today! Each year, almost 20,000 Blacks in the United States test positive for HIV, that is an alarming amount if you multiply it times the last five years alone – That’s 100,000 Blacks who are now living with HIV or may have died from AIDS related complications. It’s time for us to do something different that inspires young and old, gay and straight, religious and non-religious, etc. to get on board with realizing the value and worth of Black life and acting accordingly. Listed below are some testing sites located in Atlanta

HIV Testing Atlanta1 (877) 531 4541
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Same Day HIV DNA & Antibody Testing Go Direct & Skip The Doc’s Office.

  • Atlanta HIV Testing1 (877) 487 1086
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    Private, No Hassle, 4500 Locations, 15 Minute Testing, Results in 48hrs

  • Get A Free HIV Test – AHF’s Rapid 20 Minute Confidential
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    Testing Program. Call Us Today.

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