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Police were called to the mansion of Deion and Pilar Sanders after Pilar was allegedly accosted by a female friend of Deion and had to be taken to the hospital for her injuries.

According to TMZ:

“…a woman named Laura arrived to the mansion to see Deion … but Pilar told Laura she was not welcome in the home and asked her to leave. Laura refused, and after some words were exchanged, Laura threw an object at Pilar … striking her in the eye.”

An update to the report has Pilar’s lawyer telling TMZ:

“Pilar was taken to the hospital emergency room as a result of the injuries she sustained during the assault.”

Deion Sanders has broken his silence on Twitter … saying, “My AUNT Laura Jones was at my home fixing my phone system and was attacked. We have proof. We apologize for these weekly ignorant lies! TRUTH.”

He added, “Enough is Enough we’re so tired and exhausted from the lies and foolishness. My kids are being affected weekly with these false allegations.”

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