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There’s an old saying that goes: “Real friends are there when you need them the most.” Well, a former associate of Nate Dogg says the singer’s friends turned their backs on him, even refusing to pay for his mounting medical bills.

TMZ Reports

Nate Dogg’s world-famous rap friends turned their backs on the singer when he needed them most … refusing to pitch in one cent towards his medical costs … this according Nate’s former associate, who’s on the hook for the $300k bill.

TMZ broke the story … Nate’s estate AND a record label owner named David Michery … were sued by the medical facility where Nate lived from 2008 to 2010 after suffering a massive stroke. A judge recently ruled in favor of the facility, which means David needs to pay up … or else.

Now, it could be that this guy is just bitter because he was stuck with the bill. It doesn’t seem likely that NO ONE would help Nate out in his time of need. What do you think?

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