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As more details come out on what actually happened at the Beverly Hilton this weekend, Whitney Houston may not have been the first to be rescued this weekend.

According to TMZ, the day before Whitney was submerged in her Beverly Hilton bathtub, 18 year old daughter Bobbi Kristina was rescued by friends after falling asleep in her bathtub Friday night. After knocking on the door of Bobbi Kristina’s 4th floor hotel room down the hall from her mother for quite some time, friends called security to open the door to check on her well being.

What is a scary similarity to her mother’s death, Bobbi had fallen asleep in the bath tub and was pulled out by friends and security.  Family and friends are concerned for Bobbi’s mental state at this time after being hospitilized twice over the weekend due to anxiety and stress.

Please keep the family in your prayers in this difficult time.  #RIP Whitney


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