It’s NEW YEAR’S EVE!!! Although I’m always preaching that people should “dream and manifest daily,” I do acknowlege that there is a hightened awareness of people’s dreams and goals during this time of the year. So, as you go into the New Year, I want to encourage you to renew your desires DAILY. Don’t get caught up in that “fuzzy” feeling that only lasts the first week of January. In his book “The Psychology of Winning,” Denis Waitley encourages readers to: transform high expectations into real outcomes.

Often times, people are fearful to set high expectations because that don’t believe that the things that they want are attainable. If you are one of those people, ask yourself: “What is the source of my concept of Limitation?” Alot of times, we don’t dream big because we may have failed in the past, someone may have told us we “cant” do it, or we just believe that abundance is only reserved for a select few.

In 2010, you MUST eliminate those “limiting beliefs” there is NOTHING that seperates you from your dreams! Well, nothing…except, YOU! I say this not because I am enjoying an abundant life myself (which I am), but I say this as a person who is been in the deepest, darkest hole that you could ever imagine, but today, ALL I SEE IS LIGHT! All I see is success, All I ACCEPT as MY Reality, is pure, positive, powerful ABUNDANCE. SUCCESS, is a matter of a MADE UP MIND! The ONLY limitations that exist are “self-imposed.” Stop standing in your own way!

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