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Despite getting fans excited when they signed a new deal with LA Reid’s Epic Records a few months ago, Andre 3000 says “there are no plans for an OutKast album right now.”

The iconic Atlanta rapper gave an interview to The Fader recently where he spoke about the public’s treatment of Chris Brown, how Drake inspires him and the future of OutKast.

Here’s an excerpt:

We’re not on the roster or on a schedule with a label to put out an Outkast album. I can’t say if or when we will, but I’m going to be in Outkast forever in some kind of way. I can’t really say Outkast is over so it always trips me out when these things get on the internet, and [people] go, Andre said there’s going to be no more Outkast. And then me and Big Boi get on the phone like, Oh, that’s unfortunate that they said that kind of thing.

Read the full interview at the Fader.


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