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Estelle’s new single “International” featuring Chris Brown and Trey Songz has some people wondering why she would do a collabo with a convicted woman beater. In a recent interview with Vibe Magazine, Estelle defended  Chris Brown suggesting that people should stop judging him.In the interview, Estelle said:

“I try not to judge because I’ve been judged a heck of a lot, and it don’t feel nice. I feel like Chris is an incredible singer, musician, dancer, entertainer, and brain box as far as business and that’s why I respect him and that’s where we meet at because I have nothing else to go on.”

“We don’t hang out in the club, I love him as a person and as a brother, as peoples,” says Estelle. “I get it, I understand, and I get the effects for young women. I can’t speak on it because I wasn’t there.”

Do you think its time we forgive and move on?


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