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Both the initial police report and various mainstream media outlets have reported that George Zimmerman, 28, had signs of trauma to his nose, blood on the back of his head and nose, and grass and moisture on the back of his red jacket when they arrived on the scene, as a result of being beaten by 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. A video obtained by ABC News proves those assertions to be untrue.

The officers are seen communicating with Zimmerman very casually — in a way that is not at all consistent with how one would expect criminals who murder teenagers to be treated — while Trayvon is being considered a John Doe and on his way to the morgue. In the video, there is no sign of trauma to Zimmerman’s allegedly “broken” nose and no sign or where it was treated by the Sanford Fire Department who responded at the scene per the police report.

There is no sign of blood on his head or on the back of his jacket and no sign of worry on Zimmerman’s part, who casually gestures for the police officer to walk in front of him into the jail.

See video below:


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