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Despite being a convicted felon with a son, rapper Game risked his freedom when he filmed himself and his crew assaulting fellow LA rapper 40 Glocc and posted the video online.

40 Glocc getting beat down by Game and his crew is the latest incident in this ongoing beef. Reports say the feud started after a party at an LA mansion. Game and about twelve members of his entourage attacked 40 Glocc while he was leaving by himself. According to 40 Glocc, both parties were armed with guns and they were drawn at some point during the fight, but no shots were fired.

On the video, you can see Game running down the street complaining that 40 Glocc is going to call the police. Game also takes a moment to point out the drops of 40 Glocc’s blood on his new sneakers. Once the altercation was over, both rappers got on twitter to air out their thoughts on the situation.

Check out the video and their respective tweets below:



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