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Terrell Owens recently fired his attorney over a child support mix up

In a statement to the press:

Unfortunately, Terrell Owens was never informed by his attorney that he was due in court last week in Georgia regarding his current child support case. This led to many negative headlines for Mr. Owens, calling him a “no show” and “facing jail time” for the recent missed court appearance.

Mr. Owens’ previous Georgia attorney has taken responsibility for this failure to have communicated this date to him and has also been removed as counsel for Mr. Owens.

Mr. Owens has been working diligently with his attorneys to modify his onerous child support payments so that they are in line with his current income and state guidelines, as well as to establish visitation with his children. Mr. Owens has successfully modified all of his other child support obligations and is current on all payments.

Mr. Owens is making the necessary arrangements to pay child support due to Ms. Smith in the Georgia case. He regrets that he is no longer able to pay child support based upon his previous NFL income. He hopes to be signed to an NFL team in the future.

Mr. Owens has always made his child support payments his top priority.

Mr. Todd Orston now represents Mr. Owens for the Georgia case.

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