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Word is, Kanye hasn’t seen Kim K’s sex tape with ex-boyfriend Ray J and he doesn’t plan to. Reports have recently surfaced that Kanye won’t even allow his entourage to bring it up. In his mind, Kim is an angel and he plans to keep it that way!

From Examiner:

 ”For all his bad-boy image, he’s quite old-fashioned and [while they were still just friends] he thought it inappropriate to view Kim’s tape. Now that they are a couple, there’s no way Kanye’s ever going to look at it.”

”When some of his buddies were teasing him about it over a few beers just recently, he went crazy and told them in no uncertain terms that the subject was completely off limits. At first they thought he was joking, but he was deadly serious. Kanye never, ever wants to see the tape, and he has banned anyone in his entourage from even talking about it.”

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