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When Brian McKnight was being roasted on Twitter for that random porn song he decided to drop, he deflected from criticism by bringing up someone else’s troubles.

Brian infamously tweeted back in June, “Or maybe have sex with a 14-year-old girl an film it that’s acceptable these days.”

But instead of engaging in a tit for tat, the target of Brian’s jab, R. Kelly, opted to fly above. EurWeb quotes the singer-songwriter saying of McKnight’s remarks, “You don’t want R&B to get into beef. Leave that to the rappers. Let them do that. Let R&B be classy. That’s for the ladies, and having the babies and having fun.”

It’s for the best. In a fight between a man who allegedly gets his jollies mixing sex, urinary tract dysfunction, and minors and another who sings awful jingles about the joys of anal sex, it’s hard to pick a side.

Thanks for giving peace a chance, Robert.


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