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Gucci Mane has been issued a cryptic warning about an upcoming concert in Macon, Georgia. In a seven minute long video, an unknown man in a silver skull mask tells Gucci to “stay home” instead of performing at his December 21st concert in Macon.

Apparently, the reason Gucci is being threatened is because some of his lyrics have been deemed disrespectful. If you remember, Gucci was acquitted of murder in 2005 by reason of self defense. The person killed was a Macon native and an associate of Young Jeezy’s that went by the name of Pookie Loc. Jeezy is also originally from Macon.

According to the man in this clip, Gucci has been subliminally talking about Pookie Loc for a long time. In a recent Young Jeezy diss track, Gucci spit, “Go dig your partner up n***a I bet he can’t say sh*t.”

Silver Skull Face Guy warned:

You wanna have some more street cred to be like you came to Macon to the home of the man that you killed…and all them n***as that’s supposed to be gangstas didn’t do shit to you. That’s what you want to leave saying? Why gamble like that? Why play like that? You blatantly trying to disrespect us. You bringing this sh*t back up. I guess you think this some sh*t to play with. This ain’t no rap sh*t. This real sh*t. Stay home.

Should Gucci Mane take heed to this warning?



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