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Hackers took over Burger King’s Twitter account on Monday.

Some how they changed the fast food company’s avatar and name to “McDonalds” and sent a a few questionable and offensive tweets. The Twitter mishap isn’t all bad news for Burger King though — the account added 5,000 new followers in the first 30 minutes since the hackers took over.

Tips to keep your account safe from @IAmGWoods:


1. Make your password harder than whopper123.

2. Have social media constantly monitored–even on holidays.

3. Have phone notifications so that you are immediately notified of a change and are able to catch the flood of mentions from the account and react sooner.

4. Once you have regained control of the Twitter account, be transparent about your error and address the issues head on.

McDonald’s Also Responded with a tweet of their own:

This hack has resulted into the account being suspended by Twitter, and surely will be given control back to Burger King.

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