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According to TMZ Halle Berry is with child! Woah! That’s bananas, considering Ms. Berry is 46 years old and her fiance Olivier Martinez is 47! W’ere not saying this story can’t be true, it’s just super wild if it is!

However, this is Halle Berry we’re talking about. We’re sure she is going to be stunning no matter what age she is. As a matter of fact, you don’t even think of Halle’s age at all, that is, until someone comes along and reports that she is pregnant!

TMZ reports, that their sources say, Halle is about 3 months along right now. However, we need to know who those sources are if we are going to believe this one. And we need specific proof! Something like a picture of  the baby (reportedly a boy) from inside her stomach, giving us the thumbs up sign! That we would be inclined to believe. But, until that day comes, we will just wait to hear from Halle herself!

And if she is, then super Congratulations go out to the couple and little Nala!


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