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Welcome to COSIGN, where I’ll present a group of fresh and invigorating talent that does more than just add to the conversation of who’s next, they advance it! There’s something intangible they possess. It’s more than just hustle. This collective group simmer on the edge of fame and notoriety not only because of their skill and ambition, but because they did more than just wish on a star.

There’s something about Brooklyn and the people who call the county of kings home. It seems as though everyone has a bravado that says, “I’m the sh*t!” Such is the vibe you get upon first meeting Brooklyn rapper Kris Kasanova. Although still relatively unknown to mainstream music listeners, Kris Kasanova is steadily stealing the heart of the streets with his impassioned rhymes of upward mobility and tales of everyday street life which can be heard on his latest mixtape “24K.”

After being introduced to Kris Kasanova’s earlier mixtape “War Paint,” Kris Kasanova finally came through the GIANTlife offices to formally introduce himself and music. During our interview, Kris proved to be one of the funniest rappers to ever to sit in the GIANTlife hot seat. After talking a little bit about himself and start in music, Kris answered one of the most important questions in New York centric hip-hop–why do all of the rappers from Brooklyn think they are the best?

Put on your Beats by Dre headphones and get familiar with a future legendary Brooklyn MC–Kris Kasanova.


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